10 ml Amber Glass Vials 20 mm Special Neck

₹ 1.17 / Piece
Sold Out
Box Pcs/Box Total Pcs
756 756

Capacity :
Height :
Width :
Weight :
Glass Bottle Color :
Shape :
Neck Size :
Neck Type :
14 +/- 1.0 ml
51.50 mm
25.20 mm
18 +/- 3.0 gm
20 mm

The 10 ml glass injection vials are designed for pharmaceutical sector. The amber vials are 100% lead free and toxic free, USP Type III tested, and highly abrasive resistant, and crack resistant. These glass vials are inert and unreactive, and does not let chemical leach into the product which is critical for use in pharma industry.

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