200 gm Pickle Lug Glass Jar Ultra 53 mm Lug Neck

₹ 5.00 / Piece
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Box Pcs/Box Total Pcs
77 77

Capacity :
Height :
Width :
Weight :
Glass Bottle Color :
Shape :
Neck Size :
Neck Type :
212 +/- 5 ml
109 +/- 1.50 mm
56.90 +/- 1.50 mm
115 +/- 12 gm
53 mm

The Ultra Round Jar of 200 gm and 53 mm Lug Neck is FSSC 22,000 certified, food grade, complete lead free and toxic-free, microwave and dishwasher safe, easy to clean and wash and scoop out product packed. Being chemically unreactive, these glass jars prevent chemical leaching into the product packed inside. These glass jars are used for packing a number of products such as ketchup and sauces, spices, ghee, honey, jam and preserves, pickles and chutney, salsa, cooking sauces and spreads, etc.

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