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5 gm Jar With Cap and Inner Lid

5 gm Jar With Cap and Inner Lid

₹ 15.75 (GST Exclusive) MRP: ₹ 18.59 (18% GST Inclusive)
Box Pcs/Box Total Pcs
560 560

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Capacity :
Height :
Width :
Weight :
Glass Bottle Color :
Shape :
Cap Color :
5 ml
23.6 +/- 0.5 mm
35.2 +/- 0.6 mm
39 gms
White, Black

Ajanta Bottle offers high quality glass jars and bottles for cosmetics. Our 5 gm Jar With Cap and Lid is a cosmetic-grade glass jar suitable for storing cosmetics like lip balms, face cream, eyeshadows, etc. These glass jars are inert and chemically unreactive. The cap and the lid that these jars come along with providing great levels of safety and a leak and spill-proof seal. Decoration like Printing, labeling, etc. can also be done on these glass jars which adds value to a brand.

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