Ketchup in  glass bottle/Sauce in glass bottle has been around for a long time, although its popularity is mounting now more than ever. 

Ketchup and sauces are popular flavor enhancers that can be found in nearly every kitchen all over the world. Sauces can be made from almost any combination of fruit or vegetables, but in practice, the market in many countries is dominated by tomato sauce and chili sauce.  

We can hardly imagine a person consuming fast foods like pizzas, burgers, noodles, and even samosa without tomato or other ketchup.

With such an important value of ketchup in our eating habits, the producers of sauces must ensure that these sauces reach the consumer in the best way possible by packing it in the right material. 

There are multiple options available for packing sauces/ketchups such as small flexible pouches, stand up pouches, and plastic (PET) bottles. However, for a number of reasons, the glass is ranked the best packaging material.

Five key reasons why packing sauces and ketchup in glass bottles is better not only for consumers but for the producers as well are discussed below:

1.Zero Permeability:

Glass is an impermeable material that protects the inside contents from air, moisture, and other liquids, which can make sauce/ketchups, the breeding ground for harmful microorganisms. Thus, the owners of sauces and ketchup need not worry about their product’s flavour or smell if they are packed in glass bottles.

Additionally, external temperatures, such as heat, do not affect the material or shape of the glass, unlike plastics that could melt and affect the product quality. Because of this, food and beverage products remain incredibly fresh when packaged in glass.

2.Safest Packaging Material:

Glass is one of the safest materials one can use for their consumable product packaging. Recognized as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the CDSCO, and being the only widely-used food packaging material to do such, proves why glass is an excellent choice for manufacturers of sauces and ketchup.

It is made from natural materials such as silica, soda ash, limestone, magnesia, and alumina, which makes it entirely inert and un-reactive. This is very useful for those companies who engage in the production of hot and spicy sauces, which are acidic in nature. Acidic substances have more possibility to cause packaging materials such as plastic to leach into a product, thus affecting the health of the consumer, and downgrade your product rating. 

3.Increases Shelf Life: 

Glass bottles also enhance the shelf life of the sauces and ketchup packed in it by up to 33 per cent. The shelf life extension offers several benefits to the producers by providing more time for export to farther and new areas, more time for a potential sale, and higher customer satisfaction as the product can be used for more extended periods. These benefits result in cost savings for producers as the ketchup in glass bottle will prevent the losses associated with the early expiry of products and for consumers as well since they can use the product for more extended periods.

4.Provides Premium Look to Product:

It is also true that glass bottles make the product look premium and are generally more attractive than other packing materials. It is human nature to buy those products which look attractive, even at a bit higher price. Hence, packing your sauces and ketchup in glass bottles can enhance the chances of sales due to its premium look and attractiveness.

5.Continuous Reminder to Purchase:

After finishing the glass bottle of ketchup or sauce, the bottles do not become useless but are actually used by consumers to store oil and other homemade syrups and offer additional benefits. Using these stored products day to day and looking at these glass jars and bottles also reminds them of the actual product they purchased earlier and increases the chances that the consumer will buy that same product again. Hence it enhances the chances of customer retention and loyalty.

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