Honey in glass jar is the ideal packaging practice followed worldwide.

Since ancient periods, honey has been used as both food and medicine. It is very high in beneficial plant compounds and offers several health benefits, and that is why that is consumed widely all over the world.

It is a great substitute for sugar and is less harmful than sugar for people with diabetes. But the product may not be able to deliver its core benefits and utility if it is delivered in the wrong packing material. 

Hence, anyone who is investing in a premium sweetener like all-natural raw honey, then spending a bit more time to consider the right packaging material, is utterly important.

The packaging that is considered best and is also widely used is glass.

The points below discuss the same.

It is important to store honey in airtight containers because it helps to protect the water content of the honey.  If water is allowed to evaporate and the water is thus extracted from the honey it will crystallize quicker.  If water is allowed to enter the honey then it will have high chances of fermentation.  Honey will not ferment if its water content is under 17.1%. The glass bottles/jars which has gas and moisture barrier will prevent any contact between air, moisture, and liquid with packed honey, and thus honey in glass jar is the right choice.

These jars are sealed with airtight metal caps, which are opened only when consumed by customers. Hence to ensure longer life of your honey and to lessen cost associated with contamination or spoilage of honey due to air and moisture, honey in glass jar is packed by many producers.

There is no contest between plastic and glass bottles in terms of looks and attractiveness. Packing honey in glass jars or bottles surely makes the product look premium and classy and greatly increases the chances of sales as it is in everyone’s subconscious to buy or prefer something that looks better and attractive. 

Also, the transparency of glass allows for a clear showcase of the product, which ensures the customer that everything is perfect with the product. While an original logo and label communicate your brand ultimately, but the selection of incorrect packaging material can make your brand look dull. Hence it is of utmost importance to select packaging material like glass bottles or glass jars that fulfills this criterion exceptionally well.

In recent times, due to the extreme emergence of DIY (do it yourself trend) decorations, the glass jars or bottles do not become useless as honey finishes but offer additional utility in terms of home decorations. Many people have posted several ideas on social media of how the empty and useless glass bottles can be used for different types of decorations on festivals like Diwali, Christmas etc. 

Other than that, these glass bottles or glass jars can also be used to store different stuff like spices, oils, staples etc. Every time the consumers use these stored products in glass jars, they actually get a reminder of the actual product they purchased earlier, which increases the chances of purchasing the same product again.

And finally, due to increased demand for those products which are packed in materials that follow 3R’s of sustainability and reduce waste generation, there is actually a fairly higher chance that your product will be bought if it is packed in material like glass bottles.

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