Many different types of packaging materials are used in sustainable food packaging. Biodegradable plastic, beeswax wrapping, and even edible packaging are all available these days. However, there is one element that is frequently forgotten, and it has been around for centuries: glass!

Glass is an excellent packing option for any Small Business or Startup that wants to decrease their carbon footprint without spending a fortune. While we applaud every packaging innovation that reduces our dependency on recyclable plastic, we believe that Glass is the Packaging world’s unsung hero. It can be recycled indefinitely without losing quality, it’s microwave safe, it improves the taste of your food, reduces harmful emissions, and, on top of all that, it makes your items appear more premium!

Despite its thickness, Glass Retains its strength. This is one of the reasons why several companies are reducing the quantity of glass used in each of their bottles. Ajanta Bottleā€™s Lightweight bottles are a wonderful illustration of how decreasing the weight of a product by merely 5% has a major influence on reducing the energy consumed in the manufacturing and packaging process while being undetectable to the user. Companies can and should decrease their environmental effect and create their products in a more ethical manner without affecting their product’s quality in the eyes of consumers.

There are sustainable food packaging solutions that are suited for your needs, whether you sell jam, oil, tea, coffee, pickles, sauces, or other eatables.

Glass bottles are ideal for storing rustic-style goods derived from ancient family recipes.

Glass has the power

to make buyers feel that your brand is older and more established than it actually is. Jam and preserves are ideal food products to package in Glass Jars since they are such a timeless staple in Middle class families. The beauty of preserving jars is that you can quickly make them seem both hyper contemporary and quite traditional by just altering the lids or jar shape.

If you want to appeal to a high-end, upscale target group, you must package your oils and salad dressings in Glass Bottles. Glass can make oil glitter under the light and highlight any elements you’ve infused your oils with that are resting at the bottom of a heavy-based container. Pourer caps or twist off lids are available on certain oil and dressing bottles to make it easier for your clients to distribute the contents within. Pourer caps also slow down the flow of oils and dressings as they are poured, extending the life of the product!

Did you know that studies show that beverages packed in glass bottles taste better than drinks packaged in plastic bottles?

For fruit juices, smoothies, and sodas intended at the high end, luxury market, glass bottles are the best packaging choice.