Ghee in glass jars is a new and a quite visible trend of the recent times. The packaging of ghee in glass jars is not limited to 1-2 regions but throughout the country.

Glass, as a packaging material for ghee has a plethora of benefits still not known to many product owners.

The five key reasons for packaging ghee in glass jars are discussed below:

1.Preserves Original Taste and Quality:

Theoretically, the ghee should be packed in a packaging material that restricts its contact with air, water vapor and moisture. Otherwise, it can not only result in early deterioration but also generation of unwanted flavors and smell in ghee. This is attributed to host of factors including  oxidative rancidity and hydrolytic rancidity.

Also, the glass jars are fitted with airtight metal caps and gas barriers, which protect it from the different chemical reactions.

2. Ghee in Glass Jar is Inert and Un-reactive:

Since glass is made from all natural materials such as sand, silica, soda ash, limestone, and alumina, it makes it inert and un-reactive. Glass jars can keep ghee safe and delicious for extended periods.

Taking the example of other packaging materials. Metal containers: They can rust easily if are not lacquered properly. This, in turn can affect the ghee and significantly reduce its life. Plastic pouches and bottles: These, especially at a high temperature can leach into the ghee and harm the health of the user. 

3. Increases Shelf Life:

The ideal temperature for storing ghee and to ensure its shelf life of around 10-12 months is 21-degree celsius. Temperatures higher than this can reduce its shelf life drastically. Glass is a good conductor of heat, and therefore, can dissipate heat or cold faster than alternatives such as plastic pouches or jars.

Therefore, during transit or storage when the temperature goes above the 21-degree celsius limit, the glass appears to be more viable as it dissipates the heat faster. This is possible with metal containers as well but there are several disadvantages as already discussed above. Ghee remains as it is in glass bottles even when temperature changes suddenly.

4. Glass Enhances the Chances of Customer Retention and Loyalty:

In recent times, due to the emergence of DIY (do it yourself) decorations, many people have posted on youtube and Instagram that these empty jars can be used to decorate your home or office. Therefore, the glass jars do not become useless as ghee finishes but can offer additional utility in terms of home decorations. Also, the same jars can be used to store things like spices, oils, cereals, which are not feasible with any other packing material.

Therefore consumers prefer products in jars or bottles more. Other than that, looking at these glass jars and bottles also reminds customers of the actual product they purchased earlier and increases the chances that the consumer will buy that same product again. Hence it enhances the chances of customer retention and loyalty.

5. Ghee in Glass Jar Attracts a Premium Look:

There is no contest between plastic/metal and glass jars in terms of looks and attractiveness. Packing ghee in glass jars surely makes the product look premium and classy and greatly increases the chances of sales as it is in everyone’s subconscious that if the product packing looks good, then the product is also good. Also, it helps manufacturers charge a premium price for the product.

Further, the transparency of glass allows for a clear showcase of the product, which ensures the customer that everything is perfect with the product. While an original logo and label communicate your brand ultimately, but the selection of cheaper packaging material can make your brand look dull. Hence it is of utmost importance to select packaging material like jars that fulfill this criterion exceptionally well.

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