Round glass jars or square glass jars? 

Both shapes  – round or square do matter – both in attracting the end user as well as influencing their purchasing decision. Both square and round glass bottles and glass jars have their own unique characteristics, and in no way, one is superior than the other.
To make your choice easy, listed below are factors that you can consider while selecting the right shape for packaging your product: round glass jar or square glass jar.

1. Strength of the Glass Jar:

Generally, roundness of the bottle helps equalize the pressure across the surface. On the other hand, due to uneven pressure, the square shaped bottles have high probability of getting chipped at corners.

2. Automation and conveyor handling:

Machine filling of a product in round glass jar is much faster and efficient compared to square ones.

3. Preference by end consumer:

Round shaped bottles are relatively more comfortable to hold, and this reason makes them right choice for everyone in general, and the kids in particular.
In fact, bottle holders in baby strollers and diaper bags are also designed to handle round-shaped bottles.

4. Labelling of Glass Jars:

Labeling on both round-shaped and square shaped bottles is easy, depending on whether it is being done manually or mechanically.
Applying labels mechanically on round bottles is relatively easier and consistent. If done manually it is same for both.

5. Vertical Load:

Vertical load in round bottles is higher than in square bottles, and thus you can load and stack higher in the round bottle.

6. Ergonomics:

In simple terms, ergonomics is about designing for people, with an objective of increasing efficiency and productivity and reducing discomfort.

Round shaped bottles are more ergonomic to hold than their square counterparts.

7. Cost Factor:

Other things remaining same, since round glass bottles are lighter than their square counterparts, they tend to be cheaper as weight is less.

8. Aesthetic Considerations of Glass Jars:

Square shaped bottles are aesthetically more pleasing than the round ones.
Thus, the square ones are more likely to attract user’s attention, and help customers recognize your brand immediately.

9. Ease of Use:

It is easier to scoop out the products from a round glass jar, as in square bottles, products get stuck in corners

10. For Export Purpose:

The carton size for round glass bottles/glass jars is always bigger than their square counterparts. In case of exports, volumes matter a lot, and thus square bottles are preferable.

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