Why Should I Pack Essential Oils in Glass Bottles? 

This is one of the common questions we are asked by the essential oils manufacturers.

Choosing the correct bottles for your essential oils can ensure that their quality is preserved. Essential oils, like any other perishable commodities, can have a longer shelf life with proper packaging. This will be especially beneficial for product owners who store large essential oil batches in their warehouses.

Aside from storage and preservation, brand image is another reason to choose amber glass bottles for your essential oil business. Any consumer will be attracted to bottles with interesting designs. This is particularly the case in the essential oil industry. As the demand for essential oils grows, the market becomes increasingly competitive. Currently, there are so many essential oil brands in the market, investing in the correct and attractive packaging can help you to stand out.

What is an Essential Oil, by the way?

For those who do not know, essential oils are the compounds extracted from plants, that is, from their leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots. The oils capture the essence of plants in terms of fragrance and flavour. The characteristic essence of essential oil is its unique aromatic compounds. Essential oils are obtained through a distillation process, that is, via steam and/or water or by mechanical methods, such as cold pressing, absolute oil extraction etc. Using essential oils is a very natural way to instil your product with aromatic and medicinal properties; they are rapidly becoming popular these days. 

Here are 9 reasons why glass bottles are best for packaging essential oils: 

  1. Glass bottles do not absorb odours of any type of content packed into them. Glass is pure and impassable. Thus, a glass bottle gives a perfectly aseptic environment for storing essential oils. This is not true for other packaging materials like plastic.
  2. As glass provides a protective environment from oxygen, the potency of essential oils can be preserved. Essential oils are noted for their concentrated constituents and, when properly preserved, can last for a long time.
  3. Glass bottles can increase the shelf life of essential oils by protecting them from contamination, and give an air-tight and safe atmosphere for the essential oils to stay fresh and aromatic. 
  4. Essential oils should always be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place. Heat and light are enemies of essential oils. A properly sealed glass bottle is a perfect packaging solution to protect them.  Glass bottles prevent any possible poisoning to essential oils.
  5. Several factors such as heat, light, oxygen, moisture can accelerate the expiration of the oil. It is therefore recommended to pack essential oils in amber glass bottles. Essential oils are quite delicate as well as quick to degrade when they are not protected from UV light. Amber coloured glass bottles keep the essential oils off from UV lightAlways opt for an amber glass bottle instead of a clear glass bottle when selecting a packaging of essential oils, especially for organic essential oils. This will increase the shelf life of the oil by 4-5 years and will keep it fresh for your use.
  6. For small start-ups, sterilization of glass bottles before packaging essential oils is a must. But what if we don’t have big machinery? Well, glass is durable to be used in a dishwasher. Glass can proffer a durable surface that is unaltered by high temperatures used in washing and sterilizing. Glass can hold the temperature as high as 300 degrees. Alternatively, even washing by hand in warm water will solve the objective of sterilization.
  7. Glass is a natural and 100 per cent recyclable material. It is mainly made from melting sand at a certain temperature with other raw materials that are all-natural. Glass does not haul any toxins that can ruin the quality of the oil. 
  8. Glass offers several advantages over other packaging materials used for packing essential oils. For instance, essential oils put plastic at high risk of rapid erosion and breakdown when left soaked in essential oil. Continuous soaking can lead to the leaching of unhealthy chemicals which will decay the quality of the oil. As essential oils are quite expensive, no essential oil manufacturer wishes to have them become spoiled due to packaging material. So generally companies pack their high-quality and pure essential oils in more resistant materials like amber glass bottles.
  9. Glass is a timeless material as it can be melted down, reshaped and used over and over again. This contributes to maintaining harmony with a greener and cleaner environment. Further, glass never loses its quality concerning inertness, durability, etc.

Ordering products in bulk is one of the most effective strategies to save money, time, and effort in any company, as long as the products aren’t perishable. When you start stocking up on bottles, you didn’t have to worry over its running short.

The amber glass bottles for essential oils provided by Ajanta Bottles Pvt. Ltd. are well worth the money. These bottles extend the shelf lives of your essential oils thanks to their airtight lids and ultraviolet light protection, but product compatibility testing should also be done occasionally(if there are some changes done to the composition of the product) to ensure that the oil and glass bottle are compatible with each other. 

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