What do we have in the market as options for a water bottle?

At present, there are several options available in the market to carry our water in; the multi-coloured ones, the fancy ones, the ones that can work as medicine for us and most popular the economic ones. And the common material that is being used to make these bottles are Plastic, Copper, Steel, Mud etc.  But what if we want something that does not put anything into the water and just maintains the quality and purity of water, the minerals the water has in it at the time of packaging. That does not allow water to compromise on any of its factors. The material that we are talking about is GLASS.

Why is water necessary for us?

Water is one of the necessities without which we cannot imagine our life on earth. Some of the very important and popular facts known to us are that Planet Earth is made up of about 71 per cent of water, a human body consists of up to 60 per cent of water (different organs in our body require different percentages of water for their proper functioning) and our blood is made up of 90 per cent of water. These facts are adequate to teach us the significance of water.

It is a general suggestion by experts that one should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day.

The safest, healthiest, and economical option for everyone is to carry a bottle of water that can be refilled throughout the day. And the material chosen to fill your product can greatly affect the health of your product’s consumer.

Why pack drinking water in Glass Bottles?

Protecting the environment and individual’s health is the one major consent of our Centre Govt., so amendments and new policies have been implemented. So, for these reasons, we as a glass packaging solution providing company urge our clients to switch from plastic water bottles to glass water bottles. It is not only eco-friendly but maintains the purity and crisp taste of your product even after being packed for several days, gives a fascination to your customers by its aesthetic look and last but not the least good for health by not allowing any chemical leaching. Let’s discuss some more benefits in little detail.

Let’s get a deeper insight! 

Glass Bottle don’t hold the odours and after taste of the liquid that is kept in it unlike plastic or metal bottle 

This is the quality that a client expects from a water bottle. When consumers purchase a product, they usually reuse the packaging containers. But if the water bottles are used to pack juices or any other liquid that has a particular taste or a particular smell and is being absorbed by the bottle then that bottle will remain of no use to the consumer. In short, a consumer expects value for money. Sometimes it’s not the liquid that leaves smell or after taste. It’s the packing material that leaches into the product. To avoid all the above-mentioned issues, a product manufacturer should opt for Glass Bottles.

Glass Bottle helps us to maintain the cleanliness and freshness of the water all day long

The chances are very high that any unwanted element may flow into the water during the filling or capping process and consuming it might affect the health of the consumer and might make a company liable to face legal issues. As glass is a transparent material, we ensure that the water, packed in the bottles is clean and free from any contaminants. And in addition to that, the freshness and taste of the water are also intact.

Maintaining the hygiene of a Glass Bottle is very easy

The see-through property of a glass water bottle allows us to identify whether the bottle is properly washed and sterilized before the bottle is placed on the filling machine. When the consumer purchases the product from the market as stated in the above point he/she will get value for money as the bottle can easily be cleaned with a soft brush or can be placed in a dishwasher and is ready to be reused. Yes, a glass water bottle is safe to use in dishwashers also. Product manufacturers may also have this doubt that if their product consumer tried to clean the bottle at home in the dishwasher, the bottle will break and this decreases the trust of the consumer in the brand. The dishwasher temperature will neither break the bottle nor melt the glass, as the melting point of the glass is very high, which might not be attained in household activities. So you can stay rest assured for consumers’ loyalty to your brand.

Glass Bottle is eco-friendly

A glass bottle is eco-friendly as the main raw material used for making glass is sand. Glass bottles are 100 per cent recyclable which is an advantage. Instead of occupying space in landfills, crushed glass also known as Cult can be separated according to colour and will be used as a raw material. This will save energy, resources majorly also there will be fewer emissions in the environment.

In short, a glass bottle is a packaging material that is the need of the hour with many benefits to the product manufacturers, environment and consumer’s health.

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